Removing the Frustration of Learning to Read.™

Your child can be fluently reading books by the dozens within months. The order of these study cards is optimized to introduce letters incrementally—in the context of words and sentences. It teaches not just what letters are, but how they are used.

The card backs also walk through the instruction you need—bit by bit—to become a better reading coach. These recommendations are habits you need to practice, not simply worksheets or activities to complete. You need to form habits because you are not teaching, you are coaching—your child needs practice, not lessons.

Recommended for non-readers at least 3–4 years of age and up.

How to Use These Cards

Navigate forward and backward through the virtual deck with the card previews which will be on the right. Click on the large face of a card to hear the word read—this is helpful if your child wants to work indepedently. Click on the middle preview to zoom in to the back of a card. Click on Go to Cards to close out this introduction.

View on a PC for best resolution quality.

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