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The Biology of Fluency

Writing is a technology refined through cultural evolution that harnesses the biology of our brains.

Fluency is the biological feedback that has shaped our representations of language, both visual and audible.

Enhanced Choral Reading

Choral or Echo Reading is a simple practice of a nonfluent Learner and fluent Assistant—together—pairing visual and spoken word forms.

Enhancing this practice with whole-to-part word to letter deconstruction is a very powerful hack to accelerate learning.

Learning to Read by EAR
The Learning to Read Podcast

Only 20 episodes, each less than 15 minutes, will give profound meaning to this simple statement:
“Fluent reading is procedural memory.”

Fluent reading is procedural memory. Because we are not conscious of it, this memory causes literate minds to underestimate the complexity of reading, and to overestimate the ability of a pre-literate mind to comprehend written language the way literate minds do.

About is focused easing and preventing frustration in Learners. Frustration is the leading cause of illiteracy.

Make learning to read so easy that any 4 year old can do it within weeks, then anyone of any age can accomplish what has only frustrated them for years. on
Blog, by Russ Fugal

My daughter was reading Junie B. Jones books voraciously before she would even sound out the most basic words.

Prior to the breakthrough I share here, I spent 4 years fighting a losing battle; then in 4 minutes everything changed…

Teach People to Read
For Parents

“Reading has been described as a child’s window to the world. Too often, however, adults block the very window they want children to open.”
— Bradley Wilcox

Avoid the common pitfalls

For Teachers
Vitalize your reading groups

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For Volunteers
Read Books
Sara and the Pooka, by Russ Fugal
I Can Read a Book to You, by Russ Fugal
Sara's Adventure, by Russ Fugal
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Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll
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Make Learning Easy

Currently, only 1 in 100 children learn to read with modeling only—without instruction.

And with instruction, 2 in 3 children experience difficulty and frustration that hinders their progress to fluency and threatens their love of literature.

With the right approach, most children can easily learn to read with

  • simple modeling,
  • minimal instruction, and
  • zero frustration.

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